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DreamTree Games is an indie game development studio based in Malaysia. It was founded by 3 passionate game jammers started working together in their first game called Uri: The Sprout of Lotus Creek. We are committed in crafting high-quality game content so you can enjoy the best gaming experience. 



ZhiWei Tan


ZhiWei works as a programmer for all of our game projects. Aside from programming, he also manages the company’s operation as the company’s director.


Xteven Gan

Art Director

Gan works as an artist specializes in 3D modelling. As an art director, he oversees arts for all of our game projects from conception to production.


Cham Wei Chuan

Creative Director

As a creative director, Cham contributes mainly in the aspect of game content. This covers game design, level design, and storytelling for all game related projects.

Our Games


Uri: The Sprout Of Lotus Creek

September  17, 2017


DeLight: The Journey Home

Coming  Soon

Job Opportunities

3D Generalist Artist

- Love indie games.

Excellent in time management.

- Excellent in interpreting concept art into 3D space.

- Excellent in producing texture for 3D model.

- Great understanding of 3D animation.

- Flexible in using 3D art creation tools such as Blender.

- Great understanding of graphic design is a plus.

*fresh graduates are encouraged to apply.

Generalist Programmer

- Love indie games.

- Excellent in time management.

- Excellent in developing games using unreal.

- Great understanding in developing AR and VR related content.

- Flexible in using game engine such as Unity3D and Unreal Engine.

- Great understanding of back-end programming is a plus.

*fresh graduates are encouraged to apply.



Thank you for your interest in DreamTree Games. For any inquiries, or studio visits, please contact us today. We’ll be happy to give you the information you need.

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